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    Yay for real unfake not intruder posts! :3

    Congratulations to Wasabii - I do know myself how lovely a shiny that is haha! And a quick hunt to! :D
    And congrats rogue on the Metapod too!
    (Did I miss anyone? o_o)

    Welcome to the club also to allllll these new members - I won't list them because I'm lazy.

    On the subject of Eon Tickets - will be a work in progress, it will require I buy an e-reader and an American game. So sometime in the not-so-foreseeable future.
    The cute charm thing is legit but it would be ridiculously hard, as you have to find a game with a rare SID, and to even find your SID you need a random shiny/4 chained shinies. And, no, 4th gen only D:

    Buuut in other news...

    SHINY TOTODILE!!! After 14106 starters seen!
    I woke up at 5am, did SRs just on my Soulsilver till 5:30, then went downstairs, prepared some stuff for hunting, turned my games on and the such. Then I went back at 5:45, clicked on the machine... and lo and behold, without any soft resets today, on my Heartgold a shiny Totodile grinned back!
    (I do want to quickly mentioned that, at the point the re-save thing was spoken about I saved once, and then I saved after my last soft reset last night. So this Totodile was in one of the very first batches after saving. Coincidence...?)

    I won't be EVing this guy haha...
    Totodile - #158 (Careful)
    HP: 23, 28
    Att: 10 - 12
    Def: 6 - 11
    SpA: 12 - 26
    SpD: 4 - 18
    Speed: 14 - 28

    I named him Jaws because I'm utterly original.

    I'm super excited to start a badgequest with this little guy, and even though I was looking for Cyndaquil, I am actually really glad now that I found this one instead. Plus it wasn't a Chikorita. But now, onwards to lots of live Eevee hatching.... *sigh*~

    Tl;dr I got mez a shiny totodile!
    (Also first for May quest acquired!)

    EDIT May 15th: 2255 Eevee eggs!
    EDIT May 17th: 2345 Eevee eggs!

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