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    Full Name: Michalis Ridell. (He is also known as, although to a lesser extent, the 'Labyrinth,' as a testament of his formidable tactical prowess.)
    Age: 27 years- of age.
    Species: Salamence.
    House: [As an Instructor] Natural Grace.
    Appearance: Michalis, although of the 'Salamence' species, possesses distinct bodily features that aesthetically distinguishes him from his kind. He has slightly larger, much broader wings, with a roughly inclined constitution.

    History: Michalis hails from the rugged vicinity of the lavishing territories of Terra. As a young bairn, he was quite vigorous, and full of vivacity, often venturing to other nations, and territories, to immerse himself into their culture and deviating customs; indeed, Michalis was quite a remarkable trailblazer. His father, Ravenus, a well- renowned stature, also became Michalis' teacher, and honed his aptitude as a combatant under his austerely stringent tutelage. In spite of the rigor of his dear father's constant lectures, and strict physical and didactic cultivation, Michalis endured, with an undying resolve to uphold his father's renown, as well as construct an appellation of his own. His mother, Ileana, a simple, typical mother, was also the foundation of his encouragement; she was Michalis' source of inspiration. She had also instructed Michalis of self- assurance, to always believe in one's self; it was a pivotal moral, deeply rooted inside of him. Thereafter, Michalis became an ardent member of 'Natural Grace' himself, escalating to his eventual rise as an instructor of 'Natural Grace' as well, as his mother herself, was a proud alumnae, and an instructor of 'Natural Grace.' His well- paced, consoling alpha, yielded what he is now; a calm and composed man, capable of many things, given the support of his beloved mother, and father.

    Level: 50.
    Move-set: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Draco Meteor, Stone Edge, Double Team, Substitution.

    Code: Maestroke.
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