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    Originally Posted by ShadowMirror View Post
    can i please try Lickitung and Lickylicky. this is my first time usesing something other than paint so ill try my best. Oh and i wanna make them ghost type
    Go for it.

    SIDE NOTE: When it comes down to time to work on the Eeveelutions, let's physically align them. I don't know if this came up before, but this would make total sense. Their types were all special aligned from before the physical/special split, so let's assign them to the physical things.
    This means we'll need Rock, Ground, Bug, Ghost and Steel still. And maybe a better looking Poison Flareon than the one I tried to make.

    SIDE SIDE NOTE: Now that the project is off the ground, I will be accepting reversions of Pokemon that have already been sprited. If you have a really good idea and the sprites to back it up, I don't want your vision to go unfulfilled especially if it turns out to be a spectacular design that brings something valuable to the table.