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    Originally Posted by emberjed View Post
    Pokemon has been slowly but steadily losing popularity since around 2000 or 2001. Nintendo just has to jump through smaller and smaller hoops to keep breaking even.
    Sorry, but what? What could even remotely give you that idea? Pokemon is going stronger than it ever has been. Red and Blue sold roughly nine million copies, which is a lot. Ruby and Sapphire, however, sold about 13 million, and Diamond and Pearl nearly fifteen million copies. And that's not even including third versions in the mix!

    Heck, Black and White broke the one-day sales record for the entire franchise. And on top of that, Pokemon is the second-best selling video game franchise in the world. You know who the first is? Mario. And despite being around twice as long that series is just 150 million copies ahead of all Pokemon games sold.

    I'm sorry, but saying that Pokemon has gotten less popular is not just wrong, but laughably so.
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