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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
B2W2 are sequels not remakes...
Back on topic: I hope they'll be for 3DS but than again many of us hoped and expected the same with B2W2, thinking B1W1 were the last milking of the Ds by Gf but we were proven wrong sadly.
Though perhaps the remakes which will be the third Paired version of this generation (if they are remade for gen 5) plus they are third gen remakes (and the third set of remakes) so "3" DS is games might be possible if Gf being all subtly punny with this...
Maybe they had BW2 planned from the start though(for the DS; after all, the system lived/is living longer than probably anyone figured, we know it's dead/dying now though with the 3DS out).

On top of that, no DS successor had been announced when they originally started work on Gen V(they started work right after DP if IIRC, which was quite some time ago obviously). With sequels in mind too, that might be why we have this huge stretch right now with the DS, their efforts to try to keep the two pairs together.

Remakes(irl release times) have no real place in any gen if you think about it; We're only assuming this because of the last two such releases. With all of the seemingly surprising releases as of late, I wouldn't be surprised if we got RSEmakes to kick off Pokemon on the 3DS.
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