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    Originally Posted by YourFavorite View Post
    Yep! Mostly because I have no idea what Team Meteor's goal is. I suspect that the twist

    at the end is that they are secretly good guys... but don't tell me!
    As if I would!
    As for sprites, I was mostly referring to Cain's trainer sprite, and ZEL's face-shot (which looks a little too

    manly). But also many are clearly recolors, but you mentioned that those will be replaced, so
    Well, ZEL is genetically a male, but two of his three personalities are female.
    Sometimes I want to slap the person who created that character. >3>

    What?! A secret area that I missed? >.>;
    Was it the place with the zigzagoon?
    Nope! That's available as soon as you have cut. This one doesn't open up literally until after you beat Fern. But if

    you've already gotten further, whatevs.

    Team/Florinia stuff
    Ooh. Well, good job! Ferroseed is definitely something I'm going to replace though, because that's really not helping

    the fire problem. >> And is very much hurting the grass one, like with your Servine.

    Hmm, I see your point. It is good motivation for sidequests, but it's somewhat annoying to have to walk all the way

    back to the department store when you get a new sticker. I also noticed that I could get to the second floor from the

    beginning, but when I got the first sticker no new floors were unlocked. Is that supposed to happen?
    Probably not, no. I may have been a bit derpy... The second floor being available a soon as you get the card is a

    yes, but whenever you get another new sticker there should be another new floor. I knew I messed up with this on the

    -fourth- floor, but not the third. Hurr.

    Sitrus berries are... somewhat useful, but really only once per pokemon per battle. Honestly, ingame players are

    probably more likely to spam super potions, drinks, or hyper potions, depending on what part of the game they're at.

    I'm just saying that they're pretty expensive for being what is, at the time, a slightly better alternative to

    ITT: Ame forgets that competitive berries still expire after one use, unlike in wifi/sim battles.
    In that case, I think their in-game price is appropriate, but I will still reevaluate stuff when I go through it,

    which in light of your feedback, I'll be doing before the next release.

    I mostly expected it because up to that point, every pokemon you find and chase on the overworld you get to battle

    and catch when you find it. Especially since that encounter has such a large build-up to it. But this brings up the

    question, what's the point of putting something in the game if your players aren't "supposed" to find it?
    (Also, Scrafty is UU according to Smogon)
    Let me rephrase that then- players aren't supposed to find it easily. To put it in right there would basically be

    giving it to every player, because it's pretty universally desired.
    But as I said in the opening post, eventually all 649 will be in this.
    As for the tiers.... Yeah, Smogon. >> Reborn has its own tiering system, we all kind of rejected Smogon.

    How about Rapid Spin, for those unfortunate enough to decide not to train a poison type (or if more gym leaders use

    hazards later...)?
    It might also be nice to get heart scales through the Game Corner, so that there are as many as you need, but you

    have to work for them... unless you have some other plan for them?
    Is Rapid Spin a TM...? o.o I can't find anything that suggests that it is... True, I could make it one, but I

    don't feel comfortable taking the liberty to decide which Pokemon could or could not learn such a thing, and I'm not

    sure how I feel about altering a somewhat established metagame that way. If it were though, I would totally do that.

    Heart scales is not a bad idea either. They are actually already in the game, but not accessible until after the

    fourth badge. I'll... consider this.

    While fire types are *really* useful up through the first three gyms, they're pretty nerfed considering it rains so

    often ingame. As for how broken speed boost torchic is, my boyfriend has one and also says that it doesn't seem too

    broken yet. I guess I'll let you know if that changes.
    Four gyms! But oi. Please do. ^-^
    How about League Manager? Since it seems like the league helps the government out, the person who manages the league

    would also be well in-touch with whatever Reborn's government is. Unless the whole region is run by the League, in

    which case the League Manager would pretty much be the acting leader.
    Veeeeeeeeery possibly
    Darn. So I'd assume Moxie isn't working yet either?
    Correct. There should actually be a list.... here!

    So, now that I've gotten a bit farther, I have a few more things to add...
    -My boyfriend thinks there should be evolution music.
    ...There isn't? Oops, I bet I deleted it when I overhauled the rest of the music. Well, I guess I'll have to fix

    that. >>
    -A friend of mine really likes Zangoose, will Zangoose be obtainable ingame?
    Well, like I said, everything eventually will, but your friend is in luck, because Zangoose will be obtainable in the

    next release!
    actually it was supposed to be available as early as the fourth, but it's one of those pesky roaming ones that are


    -The same friend also got stuck in some stairs about a half hour into the game. Even when he restarts he's still

    stuck in the stairs.
    Whaaaaaaat. Stuck in some stairs? That's not good... Could I get a screen shot, please? I'd love to see where so I

    can fix this, and if necessary send him a patch or fix his save.
    -You use a very dark color pallette, which is fine... but when it gets darker (I'm not sure if it's from nighttime or

    from thunderstorms) I can't see ANYTHING. I made my way through half of the Malchous forest half-blind, until I

    saved, quit, came back later and the weather happened to be sunny. I didn't even know there were parts of the forest

    that weren't tall-grass, and when I was helping the boy get home, I walked past twice and didn't see the pokemon

    gang... I only found him because I decided to go down that alleyway for the heck of it.
    Yeeeeep. I.... think the system developer might be changing this soon, I forget... But apparently the

    day/night system is linked to everything from the time of day to what hemisphere you're in, like, your global

    coordinates etc. So... So I can't modify the colour direfctly. Trust me, if I could I would love to, and I hope to do

    so soon.
    In the meantime, I'll make up some excuse like if it were dark/stormy in real life you wouldn't be able to see either

    . >:I
    -Speaking of that sidequest, there is no drifloon to fight.
    sfbjuhdsf okay so when I read this before I was like, oh, well, that's because Drifloon only appear when it's windy,

    so it probably wasn't windy when you looked for it
    .......But, if you saw the kid in the alley, that has to mean you already advanced the sidequest. You did so without

    fighting Drifloon? If so, something is wrong.
    -It would be cool if I could (also) join the Magma Gang instead of the Aqua Gang (mostly so it's easier for my

    Servine, but also Magma is just better).
    You can! Well, really, it depends on which place you go to first. But yeah, you can choose to join either gang. I guess you just found Aqua first? :c
    -I have version four (but I will update soon) and I'm stuck. Victoria said she was going to the stairs, but I can't

    find her... so I did the Aqua Gang sidequest, went back and she still isn't there. The only way under the stairs that

    I can see is the Magma Gang hideout, and they wouldn't let me in before or after joining the Aqua Gang... is there

    something I'm missing, or is this part of the game broken?
    I don't believe it's broken... You should see a ladder in the middle of the giant crack in the Grand Stairway. Is it not there? o.o
    -Is there a way for evolutions involving trading (eg. Kadabra, Porygon) to happen? Neither is that useful without

    trading. (also, speaking of trading, will it be possible to trade with other players?)
    For the forseeable future, trade with other players isn't possible, but there are already trade evolutions in the game. They're first available after the fourth gym.
    -How do I update without getting rid of my save? Do I have to find the save file and put it somewhere else, or can I

    just extract the update in the same folder?
    Your save file is stored externally, so you can just about delete the game folder you're presently using, and then just unzip the fresh download and run that. This is assuming you're using a PC. Mac users have some strange things going on and I'm not totally sure about those yet...
    -I just started up the game again, and for some reason whenever I'm in any sort of menu, the game thinks I'm pressing

    the up key, but when I'm walking around it doesn't.... how do I fix this? x.x;
    That's new.
    Good question... My first suggestion would be to, if you can, try saving somewhere and then restarting the game. If that does nothing, then... Try the new update. Well, maybe you should do that anyway. And if nothing changes from the new download, we'll work out a way for you to send me your save file nad I'll see if I can replicate /fix the problem.
    That's all I've got for now, I'm glad I could help~ :3

    Meanwhile starting up work on the next episode today, now that my most annoying finals are done. Going to be incorporating a lot of these changes very shortly~
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