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Hi there! n_n

I like your ghost Pokemon! If you don't mind my asking, why did you choose to draw ghosts? I mean, I know these doodles came from boredom, but I was just curious if they were your favorite type or something lol.

Like you already mentioned, hands seem to be a weakness of yours. But with time these things will begin to happen naturally, it just takes practice! In the meantime, it seems like you've already got a good eye for color. I'm actually rather surprised that you were able to nail near perfect poses for these ghosts from memory! That is, unless of course you were using a reference lol. My advice for you is to be mindful of your line work. Your lines seem a little sketchy and unorganized, and bold in some places they don't need to be; for example, Duskull's head / hat thing. Just make sure you take your time when your outlining and you'll be set!

I hope you continue to post your art here! :3 You're certainly well on your way!

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