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Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
^I think the real concern is whether the author knows where the story is heading or not.

That another thing that I hate: when writers go all gung-ho on starting a series that haven't thought out yet, resulting in major disappointments.
But you see, Matt, this all depends on the type of author. In the NaNo community, we have terms for two different kinds of writers: the planners and the pantsers. The planners, obviously, are the ones who plan ahead, while the pantsers are the ones who wing it 'by the seat of their pants', so to speak. Most people prefer one over the other, yet nobody will begrudge another for using the opposite method. I tend to be a pantser - heck, I've pantsed every one of my fanfics so far (except my upcoming one) as well as both my NaNos. Planning works better for some people, while others - like me - find that planning ahead takes half the fun out of the writing process. As long as you can stick with it, I don't have a problem with authors who go ahead without planning. Even now - seventeen chapters in - I only have the vaguest of ideas where Champion Game is going. Yet I don't think that'll affect me as such.
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