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Faces to Names: Atlantean Royal Family

This is just a post to give a little more information on some of the common NPCs you’ll come into contact with. I know for certain I’m useless when it comes to describing NPCs in posts, so these small summaries will show you how they look and more. Enjoy~!

Justin Oliver Evans

Age: 25
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 79kg
Nationality: Irish
Ability: Dendrokinesis

Despite hailing from Ireland, he has very little of his Irish accent left, the vast majority of it replaced with a more 'British' accent, with only subtle inflections left over. As the youngest member of the Royal Family, he constantly strives to prove his worth to the others, however finds it easier to get along with many of the students rather than his co-workers. Positive, optimistic and generally friendly, he is the most warm and kind hearted member of the Royal Family, and will gladly stick his neck out for any of the students. Most often he spends his time outside, tending to the fields, trees and garden, all of which he created with his ability. To him, the appearance of a 'normal' lifestyle is what he tries to create for the students, and tries to do his best to makes sure they feel at home.

Leo Eduardo Cabrillo

Age: 28
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 92kg
Nationality: Portuguese
Ability: Panthero Morphology

The 'Leader' of the Royal Family, Leo takes charge of affairs, making sure that the Mansion stays up and running. When it comes to politics, he is their face and figurehead. Possessing a Masters in Political Studies, he understands how the world works and does his best to make sure Atlanteans are given the best representation, the Atlantean Royal Family at least. Quite often he is busy sorting affairs and is rarely seen around the mansion, only coming in and out at odd times and hours. Since the loss of his brother, he seems rather unaffected by the event, yet the signs of sleep deprivation are starting to form beneath his eyelids. His shaggy beard and hair aren't the only effect of his ability, he apparently has an intense roar to boot.

Katerina Elena Lukyanenko

Age: 27
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 69kg
Nationality: Russian
Ability: Property Mimicry

Battle worn and hardened, Katerina is the only member of the Royal Family to have served time in an army of any sorts. She's tough, strict, and sometimes a little out of touch with how to deal with others, but this is all due to her military conditioning. Finishing High School, she then spent 3 years in the Russian Military Forces before being discharged for her abilities. She joined the others at the Royal Mansion at their bequest. She may be strict, but she knows what she's talking about, especially if it becomes a life and death situation. Many students are scared and weary of her, but she does have a soft side. Any student that can prove their worth to her she is more than willing to treat as an individual. Where as Justin is optimistic, she is much more of a realist, bordering on pessimism at times, but it one to push against adversity.

River Xiaoyun Beleren (白潇运)

Age: 26
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 66kg
Nationality: Chinese
Ability: Telepathy

When it comes to gossip, River is usually the source. While she teaches many students to protect their thoughts, she is no stranger to taking a dip in the lake of their minds. Like Justin, she gets along well with the students, but is more able to 'sync' with their adolescents and is quite often seen consoling the more emotionally upset students. Quite often she is seen aiding Katerina in her new lifestyle, explaining to her how emotions drive people at times. She is more wary of the students, and is less likely to send them into battle as perhaps her co-workers are. She likes to have fun training her pupils, finding that they learn more when they're enjoying themselves.

Edward Trent

Age: 27
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 82kg
Nationality: American
Ability: Luck Manipulation

If anyone was to be the epitome of "Happy-go-Lucky", it would be Edward. Being able to manipulate the force of luck as an ability is more power than anyone should have. He is perhaps the most likely person to abuse his ability for personal gain; hence why he is in charge of the Royal Family's Treasury; his luck keeps the money rolling in. In the past, he had a bad run in with the law, utilising his luck manipulation and then having it fail in situations where it was more needed. Now he prefers to use his ability on a low scale, mostly to cause small 'accidents' due to lack of luck, for his own enjoyment. While the other members of the Royal Family don't take him seriously much of the time, they still trust him with their monetary issues. Ultimately, you either like him or hate him, and if you dislike him, you'll probably end up being the but of many of his 'accidents'.

Antonia Costa

Age: 21
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 62kg
Nationality: British-Italian
Ability: Muscle Mimicry

Flirtatious and knowing of her beauty, she will often use her charm to get what she wants. Having been with the Royal Family for a while, she is used to the ins and outs of the mansion, and is perhaps considered the ultimate guide for new students. Friendly and approachable, she loves to test boundaries, especially when it comes to getting people to do jobs for her. Outgoing and free-spirited, she enjoys her freedom and often prizes enjoyment over other things. Most often she is seen by River's side, mostly deep in conversation about the current gossip and updating information on the things going on around the mansion.

Marilyn Turan

Age: 20
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 67kg
Nationality: Turkish
Ability: Telekinesis

More serious than Antonia, Marilyn is still not as serious as 'Nix', who even to her remains much of a mystery. She's loyal, quick thinking, and generally the brains of the group. She prefers solidarity to a group of people, often found beneath the trees in the grove behind the mansion. She studies hard to improve her English, only having been at the Royal Mansion for little under a year, after travelling all the way from Istanbul, Turkey. She enjoys amazing others with her telekinetic abilities, and enjoys facing off against many of the male students during duels. The thing she misses most about Turkey is the heat and sun, often wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts even in the middle of summer. Once a friend is always a friend to Marilyn, those who even prove their strength are the ones that get her full respect, and she can be trusted to help with anything.

Dekun ‘Nix’ Bai (白德昆)

Age: 20
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 73kg
Nationality: Chinese
Ability: TBA

The mystery of this team, Nix is the nephew of River. He grew up over in Yunnan Province, China with the estranged Chinese side of River's family. There he excelled not in study, but in piloting and physics. after leaving high school, he joined the People's Army where he quickly learnt to pilot not only helicopters, but military grade aeronautical vehicles as well. When his ability first manifested during a flight training exercise, River sent herself on a personal mission to rescue the boy and bring him back to England. While he's been here less time then Marilyn, his English is a lot better. Quite, reserved and almost like a shadow, he is often seen late at night, and rarely during the day. He keeps to himself, except when he has personal meetings with Marilyn in the grove. He rarely speaks, and even so in short answers. He dislikes talking about his ability, and even refuses to tell anyone of it.

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