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    So, as my first thread, I decided to ask you; what kind of gym leader would you be? Now, it does come to my mind that I shouldn't restrict it to just gym leaders, but Elite Four and Champions as well. However, don't just say Champion to be a Champion. That's just silly.

    Gym Leader/E4/Champion (choose one):
    Type specialty:
    Personality and Background:

    Now, if you wish to be a Champion without a type specialty, then write none in the specialty space.

    (I hope I'm not sounding too robotic!)

    So, I am a Poison Type E4 member by the name of Drew. My pokemon are: Arbok (companion), Gengar, Drapion, Scolipede, Roserade, and Tentacruel. I was born a child who was abandoned at an early age. I was found on the street by a Toxicologist who took care of me until he died in a lab accident. He taught me to play the oboe, which I now use to communicate with my pokemon, who learned a language spoken by music. I eventually found Koga's gym in Kanto and I idolized him. He treated me like a second son and I became as powerful a ninja as Janine. However, when he became a member of the E4, he totally abandoned me, leaving me a bitter teen full of hatred for those that abandoned me. Kota eventually retired as an E4 member and I took his place.

    I forgot my title. It is: The Venomous Soloist