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Posted April 21st, 2019
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1) What are some things you really would like to see in a superpowered RP?
- When it comes to an RP involving superpowers I really love a setting where nobody's characters have fully developed powers. I've always preferred the journey of a character from having very undeveloped powers to finally gaining control of them rather than a setting where it's jumped straight to the end and everyone has complete mastery of their powers.

2) What would you want us to avoid?
- One thing I'd like to see avoided is this idea that certain characters are essentially undefeatable. I've been in RP's before that featured superpowers, RP's that had characters that could walk into a room and within a second or two simply wipe out everyone in that room, that for me doesn't make it enjoyable because personally as I mentioned in previous I like the journey of having powers rather than a setting where the powers are fully developed.

3) Other things you can imagine or have experienced works worse or better or just general ideas or advice on how to set things up or run it? :D
- One thing that I've always found is as I've said before, I think if it's an RP where powers are masterfully controlled from the get go it's very easy for certain people to write their character in a way that makes them undefeatable.

An example for me (even though it never held up for a long period of time) of an RP that I enjoyed the approach to powers was Guilded Halls :>