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Fixed a bug!
The program no longer crashes upon exit (i think i forgot to break or something)
also it has some functions for variables (eg... addvar subvar checkvar)
and it has some syntax fixes
i believe they are as follows

message @msg# ~> message @msg# [newline] callstd MSG_NORMAL
applymovement 0xpersonnumber 0xmessage# ~> applymovement 0xpersonnumber @movement# [newline] pauseevent 0x0

*edit* I think there is a memory shortage which will cause you to crash the program
just if you plan to add a movement start with XSE for compiler
then copy the main script part
switch to PKSV (if that's what u want to use...)
and then simply paste it
and declare ur movement in the lower box
*last edit*
I am uploading now....
linky linky...

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