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^this, albeit for somewhat different reasons

I'd like to point out, since a lot of people seem to be unaware, that the AI runs damage calcs to determine move power, but it does not run battle scripts beforehand. Damage-modifying effects like Sacred Sword, Venoshock, Brine, and Acrobatics should be implemented into the damage calc (x3ecec) if you want the AI to be able to use them in the proper context. In the same vein note which effect slot you're putting your scripts in if you want the AI to use them sensibly. While you can't expect the AI to be sane with unused effect slots, you can probably expect it to not be a complete idiot with Quiver Dance if it's mapped to Calm Mind, or Flame Charge that's mapped to Metal Claw.

Also is 0x02FF7D20 even a legal address on the GBA? I thought that part of RAM only went up to x0203FFFF.