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@Jambo51 - Aah, thank you. I'm inexperienced, so I don't know about the GBA system properly. I will keep this in mind for the next time. I'll update this code so it will use only 2 RAM bytes and try to put it somewhere in the 0x02000000-x0203FFFF region if there is free space (I don't know the offsets, can anyone tell?. It would be a great help). And also thanks for the correction of the hex check, I really forgot about this.

@DoesntKnowHowToPlay - You are right about the AI. I am aware of this (I read one of your posts in this thread mentioning about this). I don't have the ASM skills to modify the command (hopefully,
someday I or someone else can). These types of scripts can serve as decent placeholders for the time being. Also, thanks for telling about the RAM region limit.

I tested this move. It was working properly in an emulator (in double battles too), but because i used an outside RAM region so it will not work on GBA.

EDIT: I have now updated the code in the OP (it is not complete because of not knowing the free RAM offsets). If further improvement need to be done, then advice is welcome.