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Update the First
I'm playing Snakewood partially blind, so bare with me if something odd happens XD
- So, I start the game, and name my male character James.
- I wake up in the RUINS of Twinleaf, explore a bit, and find three Pokeballs
- One is spewing exhaust fumes, another has an air of ill health about it, and the last is spinning slowly on it's axis. So, naturally, me being me, I pick the one spewing exhaust fumes, and inside is a Koffing which I name Exhaust.
- I leave the ruins and see a Professor-looking person being chased. By. A. Zombie. I mean, damn, a zombie? That's so much better than, like, a level 2 Zigzagoon or Poochyena or something like that. XD
- Anyway, I defeat the Zombie and its zombie pokemon, and Professor Birch and I figure out I have a mild case of amnesia. Kind of cliche, right? Also figure out we need to find my BROTHER, who is the champion, and his girlfriend, May.
- Birch also gives me a pokemon egg, which is cool, I guess. And my first pokeballs, which is also cool, and at the same time, actually starts the Nuzlocke.
- My first caught pokemon was a Zigzagoon, which I named Ziggy. I kept it because it has Pickup, which is nice for Rare Candies.
- I caught a female Poochyena which I named N without paying attention to the gender rip.
- I beat some girl called a Deathcaller, and she ran away atfer telling me her name, Alicia. I have a feeling I'll be seeing her again.
- I caught a Taillow named Swallow
- In Petalburg City, the gym was blocked by a mass of blood and bones. Gory af. I also looted a corpse for some Leftovers that I gave to Exhaust.
- The egg hatched...into an egg called a MysteryEgg. WTF? Named it Eggbert. It's almost exactly like a Shedinja, except its a pure Normal-type
- In Petalburg Woods, I came across a 'Floating Legless Corpse' which would probably have torn through my team if not for Eggbert's Wonder Guard, because I was a smidge underleveled. After defeating it, I looted a Stone Badge out of its now unanimated corpse.
- There are some crazy Fakemon in this game, like the Eye-Eye, a deformed version of Jynx.
- I got to Rustboro City, beat Alicia again, and then witnessed another legless corpse and a human talking about a portal that demons were coming out of. Naturally, I followed them, got mistaken for somebody else, and battled a 'Faceleech.' This thing looks crazy and is fast af. It also gets Speed Boost...
- I deafed the Faceleech, and the guy admits his mistake and gives me his name, Gleis. He tells me to come help him exorcise some demons from town. So, I help him, then he leaves.
And that's all for today lol

And the team:

Exhaust(Koffing) @ Leftovers
Poison Type Lvl. 15 w/ Levitate
- Smog
- Poison Gas
- Tackle

Eggbert(MysteryEgg) @ Demon Horn(Quick Claw)
Normal Type Lvl. 19 w/ Wonder Guard
Lonely Nature
- Egg Bomb
- Shadow Ball
- Leech Life
- Harden

Ziggy(Zigzagoon) @ A random item
Normal Type Lvl. 15 w/ Pickup
CALM Nature
- Headbutt
- Tackle
- Sand-Attack
- Tail Whip

N(Poochyena) @ No item
Dark Type Lvl. 15 w/ Run Away
- Tackle
- Howl
- Bite
- Sand-Attack

Swallow(Taillow) @ Anadrin Talon(Sharp Beak)
Normal/Flying Type Lvl. 15 w/ Guts
- Wing Attack
- Quick Attack
- Peck
- Focus Energy
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