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Put me down for Sun as my Generation 7 game for the Ultimate Challenge, please!


It's been...a year since I last posted here? And two years since I last posted an update about my Blue Nuzlocke? Now that I cleared out more games from my backlog, it's time to concentrate on the Ultimate Nuzlocke Challenge and get through all these games. Still have to buy X, though!

So we're going back to the very beginning with Blue. As I said, it's been two years since I last played it, so I decided to just start fresh with a better plan in mind. Named myself Hunter, the rival Gary, and my naming theme for the Pokemon is philosophers of religion (it was someone else's choice for me). Additional rules are:
-nickname all Pokemon
-level limit is set to each Gym Leader's highest-level Pokemon
-only five duplicate encounters for each route before I lose the encounter for that area
-game is over when I black out, even if there are Pokemon in the PC
-five healing item limit in battle

Started off with Charmander (Friedrich), since my trainer ID ends with five. Out on Route 1, I caught a Pidgey (Paquda), and grinded out a few levels for it. Once Paquda was leveled enough, I headed up to Route 2 to see what I could catch there. Found a Caterpie (Cardoso) and now have to level it up next.


Friedrich: Lv. 8

Paquda: Lv. 7

Cardoso: Lv. 4
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