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Name: Disturb Not The Harmony
Version: Red
Single/Ultimate?: Single
Optional Rules:
You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
You must change the battle style to SET.
You may not use/catch legendary Pokmon.
No healing in battle.
I usually play with Dupes Clause, so Dupes Clause OFF here; if I somehow get Rattatas all the way down, so be it.

Going with Charmander because Blastoise and Venusaur are both capable of soloing Gen 1 with minor difficulty.

Update 1:

Starter: CHARM the L5 Charmander
Route 22: JOEY I the L2 Rattata
Route 2: JOEY II the L3 Rattata
Viridian Forest: NotTheBees the L5 Weedle

With some ingenious switching, cleared Brock with L14 Charmander without deaths. Life will be very rough if I don't get Oddish before Misty.

Route 3: BIRD the L7 Pidgey
CHARM evolved while fighting.

Mt. Moon: BAT the L6 Zubat

Route 4: accidentally KOed Ekans

BIRD evolved while grinding, and assists in takedown of Cerulean Rival.

Routes 24/25: BeesMyGosh the L7 Weedle and a runaway Abra.
Ground up JOEY I a bit in case of emergency.

Route 9 (? below Cerulean): BIRD II the L15 Pidgey
Route ? (above Vermillion): LEAF the L13 Oddish. Thank heavens - was reeeeally getting terrified of Misty with Charmander starter.

Diglett's Cave: BOBA FETT the L22 Diglett.

Thoughts: Spearow and Diglett SHOULD be good to carry me if anything goes wrong, but it's really shocking how many Rattatas/Pidgeys/etc. you get without Dupes Clause...
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