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I've been playing every day now, and haven't had much of a chance to update. Until tonight, when I don't have time to play.

Taking a look at my team in the last post I made, I feel even more sad now.

After training for quite some time, the team was ready to take on Morty. I went into the gym, thinking that everything would be okay. Frege had Magnitude, Zubiri and Thomson had Bite. The gym would be easy...except for Morty's Hypnosis/Dream Eater combination. Lost Frege in the battle, but got the badge. Quine (Wooper) joined the team in Frege's place.

Went around to explore new areas with Surf. Along the way, while fighting trainers, McCord took on a Geodude that was just too strong for her, getting hit with a Magnitude. Had to scurry out of there to the Pokemon Center, where I wondered "now what?"

Got Lycan (Eevee) from Bill, and decided to try and raise his happiness to become an Espeon. Zubiri was happy enough to evolve into Crobat. With the newly-evolved Zubiri and Quine, Chuck's gym was defeated, and the game became just about getting Lycan happy enough to evolve.

And, well, level grinding. What else is new in Nuzlockes?


Thomson: Lv. 29
-Water Gun

Zubiri: Lv. 30
-Leech Life
-Wing Attack
-Confuse Ray

Kant: Lv. 31
-Fire Punch

Quine: Lv. 30 @ Quick Claw
-Rock Smash
-Tail Whip

Lycan: Lv. 27
-Quick Attack
-Tail Whip
"Now the trumpet summons us again--
not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need--
not as a call to battle, though embattled we are--
but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out."