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    Jay, Relah, Reb and J.R... A quartet of best friends.

    CHAPTER 1 – Aspertia City Set off!
    This story is 5 years after Pokémon Black 2 & White 2! So it's 7 years after Black & White! Aspertia now takes up some more of Unova Route 19. “RELAH'S HERE!!” I had woke up to my mom. Then I realised... I'm 14 and a ½! Time to get my Pokémon! Outside, Relah had gave me the Pokémon I picked 2 days prior. A level 1 Snivy! It was now Level 5 though. Rebecca and J.R came running down the street! “Hey, guys! Want to have a 2 on 2 battle” J.R exclaimed. He had always been a fast runner (and talker for that matter). So it was 2 on 2. Me and Relah VS. J.R and Rebecca!
    Relah had chose a Oshawott, J.R had a Tepig, and Reb had a Deino! “DEINO! USE DRAGON RAGE!” Reb commanded! “Oshawott, counter with Water gun!” Relah screamed! Would the water soak Deino? or will Deino's rage defeat Oshawott?
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