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    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    Yes it is becoming freaking nonesense because you aren't listening to us.
    Game Freak have already made a remake of Red.
    It is called Pokemon FireRed.
    This just seems completely useless imo, all it is is FireRed with tile errors and recoloured Red tiles. I could do everything you are doing in a few hours. Nobody wants to see FireRed with different tiles, if they did then there is a thread in the ROM hacking section for people to post ROM bases--most of which are exactly what you are doing, FireRed with different tiles.
    This all really just seems like a waste of time tbh.
    you never know he might put new features in ...
    It is up to him after all it's his time he's using up and he's game he's making.
    after all if nintendo advertised a game you dont like. You wouldn't march up to them and say i dont like this game you shouldnt release it or do anything to it.

    you would ignore it and let other people enjoy it.

    So do so now.
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