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    Because I had few problems running DeSmuME on my 6-year-old PC, I expected the same great performance on the new PC I got for the holidays. Unfortunately, this machine doesn't seem to "like" either the new version of DeSmuME or the one I'd played with before. Running it in compatibility mode with WinXP/SP3 doesn't help; neither does switching from 32-bit to 64-bit versions of the program. (My new computer is running 64-bit Windows 8.1 with 12 GB of RAM, plus graphics very similar to the old one's. It passed a complete virus and malware scan last night; so I can't understand why DeSmuME keeps hogging 90+% of the CPU and freezes/crashes.) Any other Windows 8 users out there who can help?

    EDIT: I don't know what the multi-emulator programs do to fix it; but somehow WinDS Pro and Emulator X can run DeSmuME correctly from inside the bundling app. Try to run it as a stand-alone app, though, and all Hades breaks loose. >:)

    Is there a reliable tool for converting DeSmuME .dsv files to .sav format? The only one I could find listed on Google was on a site that my antivirus program blocked as unsafe... never a good sign. o_O PokeGen used to be a decent workaround on my old PC; but it crashes when I try to save the (otherwise unchanged) .dsv file as an .sav. (The error message before that crash reads "Unable to create filename.sav.bak" whether an earlier backup exists or not.) If any of you could please show me a solution, I'd be very grateful.

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