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I caved, given that there was interest on the server and in the thread for it and since I just made the other one I thought "why not?"

ONLY FOR OVERUSED POKEMON (click for the OU Pokemon list!)

So basically we all wish certain Pokemon had certain moves or abilities to make them more viable in the tier they're used in. Sometimes it's an unreleased Dream World ability, while other times it's wishful thinking for a move tutor to bring in a future generation, or just... wishing for a fourth ability.

This thread is where you can discuss that - someone mentions a Pokemon, with a new move and/or ability (nothing too strange for that Pokemon, ofc, like Ferrothorn learning Superpower or Skarmory learning Fire BLAST) and everyone else replies to that and discusses it as to how it'd fit into the tier. This one is just for OU though, so keep in mind while you can discuss UU Pokemon that the Pokemon in question would stop, the Pokemon you're altering the abilities or moves of has to be an OU one and you should primarily be discussing things it'd check/counter in OU. :)

Note: you could just mention what if Rotom-W had Water Absorb, for example, without needing an extra move, and vice versa! Just reply to what I brought up and if discussion slows for a while, bring up another Pokemon.

Y'all can come up with the first discussion point as I know little of OU. Gogogo discuss.

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