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    Originally Posted by .:batto:. View Post
    they shouldnt shut it down. they make millions and millions of dollars from the pokemon franchise.. and leaving the dreamworld open for older generation players would be really nice. there closing it down so people WILL go and buy x & y.. not like we wont anyway. and its not like keeping the server open for us would leave them out of pocket.. just seems a little unfair IMO.
    I strongly doubt that shutting down the server has anything to do with trying to increase X and Y sales. It simply has to do with having to maintain (i.e. pay) a server infrastructure for just a small subset of people who will continue to play Generation V _AND_ like doing the dreamworld.
    Yes, it kind of sucks for those that don't wish / can't upgrade to XY, but the vast majority of customers won't be affected.

    My suggestion to the OP is to 'enjoy' the dream world while it is still there. It's quite likely that you'll get tired of it's tedious repetitive nature and shallow mini games long before it goes down.
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