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    The game will be started over because of major glitches. We will start a new thread as soon as we can make the game work again. Thank you for your understanding

    Pokemon Solaris

    The Plot
    Travel to the region of Solaris to unveil new adventures and friends, as well as enemies! Find your start in Sunview Town where professor Margaret is waiting for you to give you first Pokemon, choosing between Bulbasaur, Chimchar and Mudkip!

    Find your way trough the Solaris Region, as collecting the League Badges so you can battle the Elite Four and the Champion. Discover the virtues of a true trainer!

    As you travel, you discover that Legendary Pokemons are attacking all over the region. You will find out that Team Meteor are causing all of this and you will try to stop them from conquering the region.

    In your journey you will discover interesting connections between the Champion Matt, Team Meteor Leader Erik and the Pokemon Trainer and Breeder Teo as they were very good friends until the day they parted in their journeys.

    Solaris is known for its multiculturality which is represented by all the Gym Leaders, from French to Japanese and from Swedish to Latin, all the Gym Leaders represent a nation.

    Visit the amazing sight of Solaris:

    -Roccia Forest, early in the game you go trough a Forest that is said to have a hidden clearing where time is having its own flow and flower flourish in every single spot.
    -Mt.Sun, an amazing place that is said to reach the Sun. Inside you will face The Legendary Bids of Ice, Fire and Thunder.
    -Marine Island, a beautiful island with a small mountain on it. The folk stories state that the Island was once populated until the wrath of the Legendary Pokemon of Sea.
    -Burned Forest, which is said to be burned down by the Legendary Flying Pokemon of Fire. Also inside in its clearing The Legendary Beasts of Fire, Water and Thunder.
    -Victory Road, the last frontier to the League. A very old mountain that is said to be the portal to a new world never seen before. As well folk stories say that the mountain id the home of The Legendary Pokemon of Land.
    -The Battle Frontier and Festival, two areas that were built in the last few years. The Battle Frontier offers a new exciting adventure and the Festival offers facilities like a Safari Zone and the Gym Leader Tournament.

    The Characters

    You, a young trainer aiming to become the Champion one day and to become the conqueror of the Battle Frontier.

    Professor Margaret, the region professor, studies type match-ups and new types like Fairy and Light

    Matt, the Champion, he is your companion trough your journey as he will guide you and will help you with your journey. He was a former Frontier Brain at the Battle Hall and he is a skilled Trainer that gets silly sometimes. He is described as the Virtue of Kindness

    Erik, the Team Meteor Leader, is a former friend of Matt as he states. He and Matt parted in the same day as they were rivals since long time before their journey. He was kind and loving before he joined Team Meteor 5 years ago and shortly became their Leader, wanting to become the ruler of Solaris and the sister region Lunaris. He is described as the Vice of Wrath.

    Teo, the Frontier Brain, she is a very cute and kind person but she sometimes gets childish and starts imaginating things because of her huge imagination. She is a skilled drawer and loves observing Pokemons interacting with people. She is also very anallitic in her battles and has a huge general culture, and beacuse of that she is the Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower. She is represented by the virtue of Chastity.


    -All 649 Pokemon
    -All new Battle Frontier found in Lunaris
    -Two new regions Solaris and Lunaris.
    -All the legendary Pokemon
    -Gym Leader Tournament
    -Animated sprites
    -The list will be continued

    The message from the creators

    We are two young lads with a dream and we want to make our dreams come true. We would need some help in the creating of this game. We are looking for:
    -1-2 Mappers
    -1-2 Scripters
    -1 Spriter
    -If there are any other people which wants to contribuite to this project in any manner contact me.

    More info at:Pokemon Solaris


    You can promote the game trough these banners:

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