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I remember the days when such a topic was taboo here at PC, even though a majority of us would admit to our not-straight sexualities on MSN or such...

Hi, I'm Greg. I'm gay, and moreorless out. My family knows (they just fail to acknowledge it, most of the time) and if anyone asks, I'm like "Oh, yeah."

What got you into supporting LGBT rights? Who/What was your inspiration to do so?
Uh, well, I'm gay. o/ It's also seemed like the right thing to do. I went through school in a "worldly" curriculum, and that basically opened me to the idea that everyone should be equal. Combined with my own personal bias, I don't see why adoption/marriage should be limited to just a man/woman. :-D

As for the Minnesota bill... grrrr. As a kid that's been born and raised here, it seriously pisses me off that my state would even consider that bull. I know it's already in the books that I won't be able to marry, but we should be going the opposite way!!! >O

Have you come out of the closet? If so, and if you feel comfortable enough here in this safe space, share your coming out story with us. How did your parents/friends take it? Describe the scenario.
My parental story is the same blah story of tears, hugs, and screams, so I'll ignore that.

My fun one is actually the first person I came out to IRL. (I've been a gayhag online forever, but not so much IRL. I was a closetcase) I had a serious crush on this boy a year younger than me, and my friend kinda had... access to the computer system, where information is stored.

She was bugging me to find out who I liked, and I made a deal - if I told her, she'd have to get the information for me. :D She was a little surprised when it was a boy, and I got my piece of paper with his full name, address... and *_* his picture. This was in like, November, way before the yearbook would come out - so this was my best bet. ;) Stalkerish, bad, but it made me life. I called it "Pretty Paper" and I kept it close to my heart.


I won't likely be active in here, but I may pop in from time to time :D I'm not active on PC at all (except in my Webbies section, where I post every few weeks to all the updated threads...) but I'll try. ;D
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