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    This was quite the amusing episode because of Hikari/Dawn and Iris' bonding. When they both said Iris' catchphrase "what a kid~" I was very amused.

    Meloetta's crush on Satoshi/Ash is adorable.

    It's a shame that the Roketto-dan/Team Rocket are using her closeness and likeliness to sing around Satoshi (to save him and his friends) for their own gain...

    Meloetta is not only oddly moe in design (oh, boy, I saw all that weird fanart coming; thanks, fandom!), she's also Sailor Moon in disguise. Did anyone else think her form switching with all that spinning and sparkling was like a Sailor Senshi transformation sequence? xD

    Iris teaching Hikari to swing from a vine = epic.

    Meloetta's song is so lovely and nostalgic, especially in the ending, with that lovely sunset over the water... ;3;
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