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    I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's like what the 3rd time I died now. Perhaps its because I chose the female protagonist and a Koffing. Anywho I decided to give this one last and final time. So here's the update:

    Restarted and THIS time chose the male character.
    Got myself a Paras and named her Ms.Shroom
    Trained Ms.Shroom and caught me a Zigzagoon named him Rufus.
    Beat Alice and pretty much everyone else following Petalburg woods.

    By the time I got to Petalburg woods, Rufus and Ms.Shroom were lv.17, so I easily beat the demons.

    Reach Rustboro and beat Alice again and then fought Gleis where Ms.Shroom died.
    Following the battle I caught a Taillow in the following Route and then caught a Whismur. I named them Rabai and Boombox respectively.
    Help Gleis close the portal where the demons were coming from and now I saved in front of Pestilence.

    Rufus aka Zigzagoon Lv.18
    Rabai aka Taillow Lv.17
    Boom Box aka Whismur Lv. 15

    Ms. Shroom aka Paras.
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