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    Name: Bataar (Hero) Batkhuyag (Strong warrior)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Unyielding Earth

    Role: Scout/Trap Setter. He is determined to be a Mounted Archer when his Swablu evolves. A Flying Mounted Archer.

    Ranging: He has extreme talent with a bow like most members of Unyielding Earth. He has special barbed arrows made for him. He also has talented eyes and works for his tribe as a scout, or trap setter.

    Song Communications: Having a Swablu has taught him to communicate with it using a specific whistle for things like "enemies approaching" or "reinforcements incoming".

    Beedrill Style: Bataar has developed great skill at wielding a spear mounted or otherwise. He can rapidly jab his spear, and often keeps it poisoned with Ekans poison just like the pokemon he named his style after. He can also throw it with a good amount of skill at throwing like a javelin as well.

    Weapons: Bataar has a recurve bow and a poisoned long spear he keeps if the enemy gets too close. He has a quiver filled with barbed arrows.

    Pokemon: Swablu-Bat (Strong)

    Appearance: Bataar has tanned skin due to the fact that he ranges with Bat for the majority of every day. His hair is jet black and hangs down to his waist. He keeps it tied together at the shoulders, and at the small of the back which keeps it straight and in a pony tail fashion. His eyes are deep brown, much like chocolate. The only thing he wears is a full set of fur armor that is made from Tauros hide, making it more like leather armor that you can harvest multiple times every season. It looks exactly like the Fur Armor from Oblivion. He has stubble, not quite a full beard, but stubble. He had a moustache, but it was shorn off when he lost an archery match to his brother, as his clan's custom declares he had to.

    Personality: Bataar is not a humble man, and views most people as underlings with the exception of his clan's leader, whom he idolizes. He treats women as if they should GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE HIM A SAMICH. (Sorry. I had to say that on the internet somewhere. Point is he's really disrespectful to women.) He honors his parents, but most other adults get no respect.

    History: Bataar was raised in his clan like any other Unyielding Earth member...being trained to shoot the bow and ride a pokemon at an early age. His clan had a specific specialty in Tauros and Milktanks, seeing as they prowl the plains. He was taught to shoot a bow at age seven, the minimum age of his clan. They are known as 'The Raging Horde' due to their mount's ferocity. Bataar met Bat at the age of fourteen. He named him for the pokemon he would become in due time, as he found out about it when the elder told him what great luck he had. A Swablu was rare to come across indeed, but to the Unyeilding Earth, it was like finding gold. Now they could scout ahead without risking their men, and Bat was a blessing to them all. Anyways, he disrespects everyone but those who best him in an archery competition, which he mastered with his ranging skills, and that's how he came to meet his companion, who had no name. He wasn't even a member of the tribe, he just showed up one day in the village riding an Arcanine. The strange mount gained question, but he offered to help, and help from an Arcanine would be an amazing asset. The pair quickly became friends and scouting partners. After years of roaming the plains, his father died. The stranger, who was an older man, decided to take Bataar in like a son. He was devastated by his father's death, but continued on. He would not be slowed down by mere death.

    I think I'm done. I'm not sure how the Element thing works. Can you assign one for me?
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