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Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
Ah. I'll be playing beta 3 then, and see how that is.

I know how you feel with re-building everything. My (soon-to-be-on) hack has been deleted, demolished (by me), rebuilt, and demolished multiple times. But, it does usually fix the hack :)
Yeah, it usually does Like this one.
Originally Posted by Fezao4 View Post
Where can I Download it.Because I think its a really good hack.Who Mikachu!!Is Mew whit Pikachu right.Wow awesome!Good luck! And yes, it is.
Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
Your hack has come a long way diego, it is looking very nice. I like the new title screen it is unique in that the pokemon is on the left side, and is showing it's back.(In stead of the conventional front view) I like the pal changes in the Oke intro (and presumably the tile map too). However, I dislike your overworld character. It looks like a blue version of the original hero. I'm glad that you have incorporated D&N it's a nice touch, and adds to the realism of the game. I like the dynamic storyline but try to stay away from a walk-through. Also I'm not a big fan of forced starter pokemon, but it unique, as most people do the choice of 3. I think your lacking in ideas for your 'evil team' so you say vague things about them, that just seems meaningless to the readers. Try developing a side story for them. I feel like your storyline starts off okay but then becomes ambiguous. You should try developing a more interesting plot that people can get excited for; and stur up emotions. Overall I find this to be a very interesting hack, I hope you address the things that I brought up, and you can find my post to be beneficial. This hack is getting better, and better every time I visit; you have my full utmost support.

Thanks for the long message. Your constructive criticism really helped.
A lot of your complaints are adressed in the Beta 2 Redux, though!
Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
Here is something I made for the Pokedex page for Mikachu on the offical site. This would look much better then that small sprite image there:

And here's something else I did in my spare time.

Nice, thanks. Although, what's with the forest on the bottom one, and I changed the title screen since that version.

And now... What you've all been waiting for for two years (about)...
Updates - 4/5/2011

It's here. The day is finally here.
I told myself that I would get the new version out quickly... and here it is!
Download in the first post!

I can't believe it any more than you can. :D
PS: A ton of stuff is just temporary, like the Psytric overworlds and all the gym leader sprites.

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