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    I don't have much, but here they are
    DS Lite (with broken lower screen, used to transfer pokemon from Gen 3 to 4, and to trade between gen 4)
    A playstation 2 (half functional)
    And what i used to own, along with the reason of why it's gone
    Sega Genesis (good times, playing sonic on mom's lap :3)
    A PSP 1000 (non functional, had great times hacking it)
    A Brick DS (you know, the first one. Gave it to stephfather after getting a DS Lite. Then DS Lite lower screen broke, and the DS got a spill of redbull on it by my sister.)
    A Gameboy color (mother gave it away after having a pokemon-involved nightmare)
    A PS3 (Tricked someone on the interwebs into trading a Wii for this PS3 that couldn't read disks :D)
    A PS1 (Gave it to my biological dad after my parent's divorce. Used to belong to stephfather. Then my much hated father sold it to my aunt, who sold it etc. etc.)
    A First edition PS2 (Got dropped after sister and friend were messing around under my bed, switching the PS2 off while me and a friend were playing ratchet and clank. Said PS2 dropped on the floor after a couple of old-friends ran around my room. Said people got evicted from the house and i never saw them again.)

    Planning to get: 3DS along with Pokemon X, Luigi's mansion 2, Mario and luigi, and other games that i would LOVE to have
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