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    - PS1: Haven't played on this in a long time.
    - PS3: Faulty/ Broken. I believed it might be broken because of constant overheating.
    - PSP: Mainly for the 3 GTA titles on psp and Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters.
    - Wii: Don't really play this all that much anymore, mainly just for Pokemon Battle Revolution or some Wii Ware titles that I have.
    - Xbox 360: My primary console. I have quite a few games that I play on this but I doubt I will play it all that much when I get the PS4.
    - DS (The bulky original): Only the bottom screen works on this.
    - DS Lite: Broken
    - DSi: Broken beyond repair so had to be thrown away.
    - 3DS: My primary handheld. I don't really have all that many 3DS games but I play quite a few DS games on this.
    - Xbox Classic: Yes one of these. I have way too many games and it hasn't been played in a while, unfortunatley.
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