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    Hack name: Pokemon: Oak's Murder

    Hack of: FireRed

    Additional information about the hack:
    New Region

    I was gonna try and do it myself but it's taking too long...

    Finished percentage: Around 2-3% prolly...

    Your hacking skills: Mapping, some scripting, some other stuff such as sprite editing, etc.

    What help or skill you're looking for: Scripter, Mapper, tile inserter, someone who can add pokemon using UZla, someone who can also help with the STORY (ideas for events, etc)

    Additional contact information: PM me on this forum with what your skills are.
    Mapping- images of maps you have done.
    Scripting- How good are you at scripting?
    others- tell your skills/what you can do.

    Additional information: MUST have MSN... it's easy to download. PM me on this forum to talk.