Hardened Trainer

Seen August 17th, 2016
Posted May 9th, 2015
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Update: Managed to change the intro sprite for the main character and the rival - I sprited a picture of Ash and Gary myself.

The sprite looks better, the green is a lot better of a touch, but you should still add more detail. The colors look too flat, almost gbc-ish, just using more colors than gbc does xD. Not really, but erm... the clothes are the main flat colors that make it look weird imo.

I saw the video of the intro on YouTube just now. It looks really good, better than what I've seen in other anime remake hacks before. You should really record straight from VBA though. I know the uncompressed codec gets the video size really high, but you can just make it smaller later with a basic program like Movie Maker, when you save it.

Just a head's up. I'll check back to see how to hack progresses. xD
I'll have to work on the backsprite more. (It's a little tougher for me to edit since I can't export it to Photoshop.) I'll keep posting updates as I come up with them.

I saw the video and it was great the part where
the pikachu jumped and the flash of light was great
cant wait to play this good luck
Thanks! :)

The progress is good so far.. but the sprites are poor and the backsprite is ununique, the sprites needs more work XD
I don't claim to be the best spriter, so I'm doing the best I can, but I can always go back and change them a bit.

The updated backsprite does looks better than the original. (b ' ')b

& This hack looks good so far.
I like that it's based off the anime, so I'll definitely give it a go if the beta is released. :D

As for the video, I liked how you handled the Spearow attack, and actually had the Pikachu sprite run up the tree. xD Nicely done.

in route 1 the ho-oh could fly from the up of the map to the down of the map.
(i know my grammar is bad but i'm not from england or america)
I tried. It won't flap it's wings if it goes vertically across the screen.

I checked the video and I was impressed.
This is great piece of scripting work truly fantastic!
But the sprites aren't so good as others said but I believe ya can fix it
Thanks! I have been improving on my scripting a lot since I started this. I'm finally feeling pretty comfortable with it. I'll try to improve the spirtes and get better at making them when I can. :)