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Posted May 9th, 2015
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UPDATE: Improved the main events in Viridian City to more closely reflect Episode 2 of the anime - Misty now appears in the Pokémon Centy when you enter complaining about her bike and TEAM ROCKET appears inside when you try to leave and attacks you.

ok. But you can make it 1 tile lower beacuse the tree covers it and you can add some d/p pokemon
I might move it up, since there's more room above than there is below.

Dex No11 : Are ya doin' this hack all alone?
Yep, I am as of right now.

I like the video! The great part was when Pikachu attacked those Spearows and disappeared. Good luck on this hack!
Thanks! :)

This sounds so cool :D If you want help with the OWs i can help :D i might seeem new but i have been spriting some time :D
I was considering adding Officer Jenny's motorcycle. If you feel like it you could try your hand at that.

i think this hack is cool..
so good luck to you..
ive watched the video
and it is really impressive..

so keep it up!
Thank you! :)