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    Being put to stand on the ground, Reanne gently rubbed her eyes to take a good look of her present surroundings. Aside from the other two girls of close proximity, she was impassive at the sight of two men in the front of the gaping entrance; one who previously sat beside her, and one she hasn't gotten to know yet. Just beyond them, was a wave of wild Pokmon marching for an intent she didn't really bother thinking about, yet the Trainers already sent out their Pokmon to launch powerful moves against them.

    "A battle, eh? Was this part of the contest?" Reanne shuffled her hand inside her bag, clutching out a Pok Ball in return, "Because it sure looks fun! Maybe I did miss the loud celebratory fireworks, but I don't want to be left out." The moment she flicked the ball upwards, a bright light fills the surrounding temporarily. It eventually takes a large round form, dissipating the light to a pinkish hue of a levitating Pokmon.

    His appearance left a soft, resonating hum, further followed by the sedative misting enshrouding him and his Trainer. Promptly, Reanne faced an opposite side to sit on his back, unburdened by her build. "Eh-heh, I sure am grateful by your devotion. But instead, why don't we do this together? Like this." Reanne said to Mary, her vision directed to the front. She patted Shimmer, her Musharna to align a clear line from afar. In wait, a multicolored energy was formed from his forehead, accumulating psychic energy in store.

    "Here we go!" Reanne signaled Shimmer to launch fire, recoiling a little as a Psybeam went through a straight lane, aimed towards the largest Pokmon she could see -- an Electivire who seemed to have led the attack.
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