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    The trainer's held back the force as the tribals start reading the attacks of the trainers and start splitting off from a large wave into clumps or groups. The few hit with the stone attacks, the tribals begin to adapt and watch the pokemon that can perform the attacks and begin focusing their strikes from a distance charging in towards the pokemon opposing them. The tribals weren't expecting heavy resistance as smaller groups begin backing off in fear and start to regroup to retreat. ".... That's... interesting. Wild pokemon, organized... Static, Use Toxic, Aim for the leading gro-" A set of poison needles from a bug pokemon start flying twards Joseph as Static jumps to knock him out of the way, the needles grazing and injuring Static's Leg. "LUX!" "Static!" He looks up and holds him in his lap as he tapes a pack of batteries to his walkman and turns it on. "Static, Thunderbolt this!" He throws his walkman as Static complies. The shock from the energy begins to effect the strange discharge above and come clashing down towards the ground. Bolts of pitch-black energy begins to rip up have the pathway, leading back towards the attacking tribals. Taking notice to the electric strike, a large portion of the tribals retreat to get out of the area. A handful of them slip by the electrical deathly nature and begin charging in; however they are in fewer numbers.

    In the distance, viewing the battle from above, a small figure watches as it attempts to approach the direction of the battle. "... It looks like the Shockalin's have reached them..." Another figure follows behind the other in suit. "Prepare for a fight, I don't know how many I'll be able to suspend when we reach them."

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