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Name: Janna
Favorite idol/idol group? Aqours!
What are some idol groups/franchises you follow? A bit....Love Live!, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, Ongaku Shoujo (currently airing anime). I also play Idolmaster Theater Days and BanG Dream, though the latter is obviously more of a band series. But they have both a band + idol group called Pastel*Palettes which fits this criteria. And I love them! :D

I've got tons of Riko Sakurauchi merch so I'm definitely a huge, huge fan. Ran out of space on my shelves so I've started just stacking them together haha. Love her so so much! I also adore Chisato from BanG Dream's Pastel*Palettes and Shizuku from Love Live! PDP.

who is your favorite boy and girl idol?