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How unevolved, like for a 3-evolution line, do u mean at first or second evo.?
Also, for the plot, what kind of enemies will they be fighting or going against?
Since Pokemon do exist, there's bound to be some battles here and there. For some reason, this reminds be a bit of shadow Pokemon, idk why.
You can also have all the characters meet each other first before sending them on missions or starting the plot since they are gonna meet each other often, mysteries bring groups together somehow.
Would they be traveling a whole region for the plot or would it be a couple town, but going in-between them the whole time?
Mostly unevolved (first evo), and maybe some second evo.
I was thinking the group would go on to explore the torn-Ether region in order to gather clues and so find themselves with some riddles and tests in their way. Like for example they find ruins and they have to gather knowledge from these ruins. Maybe some Guardian Pokemon would have to be battled. Surely there'd be the Team who has rotten the land searching the group and facing them every now and then. I'm thinking this battles could include dices or something akin to that. Still thinking on how to make it so that in the group everyone has something to do when enemies appear? It depends on the characters, too, if they're all trainers for example, how would the battles go?
Mmm maybe the characters could meet beforehand, that's a nice idea. But in order not to stall the RP, it might be better to start it from the cave after all.
Ah, well, the mission would be to explore the land in search of clues, yeah, but not explore the region to win badges or something of the sort. So there'd be unexplored places like ruins, temples, relics, etc.
Thanks for the questions! The idea is beginning to take more shape, I'm pretty excited. I'm thinking on how I could manage the riddles. Maybe not giving the answer so that decisions actually affect what happens next or stuff like that? Let's say we find a ruin but there are traps of some sort, what is to be done there will lead the path afar or closer to the goal.