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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Prediction factors do exist, not just on Pokemon, but also on everything else irl. The point about models is to allow us to understand, explain, and predict what will happen from a logical standpoint based on years of research from past events, and GF's methods on Pokemon pre-evos/evos are no exception. We can't blindly pick which Pokemon should have an evolution without proper research on the pokemon in question, or else we'll be solely disappointed, or flat out despise the game altogether, if that wish didn't come true. I have seen this before with other games with huge rosters.
    Stats do not matter when it comes to evolving Pokemon. The Eviolite does not matter in evolving Pokemon. If Gamefreak wants to evolve anything then they will. There is little logic in Pokemon predictions. A camerupt evolution is as possible as Pachirisu getting an evolution or Stunfisk or Eevee. If they wanted to give Shuckle an evolution, they will. There are no factors outside of legend status that prevents future chances for evolution. The only other thing that hasn't been broken yet is stone evolution. Gamefreak can still break it this gen. Won't make sense but they will if they want to.
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