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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    Aipom was caught after the Kanto's Festival while Ash was taking on the Battle Frontier. Not a movie.

    May was also the representative for 4th Gen when she caught Munchlax in Kanto. With Dawn getting Cyndaquil, this breaks the fairly non-existent pattern set in the anime. There are never exceptions set, if there is an exception then the pattern has been broken and isn't relevant.
    Sorry:3c I knew it was around that time but couldn't remember when specifically. With Munchlax he was unveiled in all sorts of media, most notably X D. Also I distinctly remember there being a Bonsly in that game. I also remember Tracey having a Marill that killed of the Pikablu rumours, and Misty had a Togepi. I know it's pretty inconsistent but I can see a pattern there.
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