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    Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
    Really nice video, that is a tough battle you prepared there. You have improved quite a lot Tentacool's Defense and Koffing's Special Defense, I didn't expect them to be able to tank those hits. And the Skuntank seems so hard to kill, luckily you managed to paralyze it, and Acid Spray is an amazing tool in-game as the AI never switches out. Haunter seems to be a formidable opponent as well. And some of the details... I liked Rattled Kirlia a lot, and as usual the learnsets of the Pokémon look really well thought. Really looking forward to that game!
    Thanks for the feedback...The game will be fully completed by next week, just doing a few thing with in-game dialogue....Just making sure everything is in the right place.

    And yeah, I was just surprise as u were. Especially with the whole Psybeam thing. O.o I know I increased all Pokemon base stat, but Tentacool weakest stat should still be its defense, just like Koffing with its Sp. Def stat.

    And haha...yeah, that Skuntank was really hard, luckily I had Thunder Wave on Electrike, cuz if I didn't most likely it woulda ran through my whole team. Good thing the AI is too dumb to switch out when stats are lower drastically. As for Haunter... >.> lol

    Originally Posted by Elvoz View Post
    Yep, I did, and it works just fine. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, really splendid! Good luck on your B/W 2 hack, looking forward to that as well :)
    I'm glad you're enjoying Yin Black/Yang White. It means alot to see that from you. ^w^ And yah, still wish I coulda helped, that's what this thread for ask for help, when needed. Thanks for all the support...
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