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    Originally Posted by dinosaurodon View Post
    OK, I got the Cheetah done, and I edited the Yeti Crab. I didn't know how to make the fur, but I did my best. Feel free to edit it .
    Yeah, the cheetah looks awesome. I cant wait for the evo. For the fur, maybe you should attempt a tanner, but still yellow color, and include more jagged and rough shading.., Sorta like dithering, but dithering in shapes... Gah I dunno how to explain it.

    And SI, I dont see how to make Wimpike bigger, as pikes are meant to be narrow, and I think that making wimpike bigger would de-pike and de-wimp it. But agin this is IMO, and other people can do what they can to make it better, because I'm no the best of spriters :).
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