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    Originally Posted by Chesu View Post
    What? You can make alternate evolutions if you want, but it seems kind of rude to just hijack the concept and make it whatever you want. Wimpike is my idea of a Magikarp-esque line, evolving into Tiamoor, a water serpent. It's halfway between Gyarados and Milotic; not an enraged beast, not a serene beauty queen, but somewhere in the middle.

    I do like the idea of a monstrous, gargantuan fish, though. You should take the idea and make something original with it.... Maybe an eel, or some prehistoric mega-fish?

    Oh, Im sorry, I didn't know that wimpike evolved into Tiamoor. It never said in it's description... So that's what ~Wind~ was talking about. Im sorry. So, Chesu maybe you and I can make it so that when wimpike's beauty condition and attack stat are high, it evolves into Tiamoor, and when it's strength condition (Is that a condition) and defense stat are high, it evolves into swampike. What do you say? Spherical Ice, if Chesu accepts, can you update that? And, yes, I'm fine with yetrocute, I also thought that wattacrab was kinda wierd. Are we keeping wattacrab's description though?
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