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    I have an idea for a Normal/Electric family, with a yellow/orange/black color scheme.

    1st stage: Hamstatic, the Hamster Pokemon. Basically looks like a Hamtaro type hamster that stands on its hind legs with electric pouches on its cheeks and teeth sticking out, kind of like a rabbit.

    2nd stage: Chincharge, the Chinchilla Pokemon. Sort of like Raichu in appearance, standing on hind legs, larger electric pouches and teeth, lighting bolt-type shapes coming off the tips of the large ears, with a long tail that has a tuft of fur on the end.

    I came up with this for my hack I have under wraps, but I've suddenly become too busy to sprite and these are not dimensions I'm familiar with. ^_^;

    It'd be cool if one of the better spriters could take a crack at it.

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