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Originally Posted by Lipstick Vogue View Post
Yeah. I'll try and smash through my show during the first week as I know I'll not watch much during world cup month.
Originally Posted by doge View Post
me again hello
Originally Posted by aeternum View Post
you can count me in again
Originally Posted by donavannj View Post

gonna power through may's tonight as it's actually on my "I've been meaning to watch this for ages" list, tho.
Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
Nah, I can join, just been a bit busy lately. Still want to post my thoughts on the R.O.D OVA.
Originally Posted by GanguEevee View Post
yes plz

Okay, that's plenty of time guys. Let's hear those reviews. I'm also going to be opening sign-ups for the July edition of the ACC now too.

Originally Posted by Disturbed View Post
I should join in next month. If someone remembers, drop me a VM when signups start up again :O
So ping.

Now, onto my brief review. I haven't been able to finish Paranoia Agent yet because I've been spread a bit thin over other things I'm doing, however I am definitely sold on completing the series. I think the mystery of just who Shounen Bat is is extremely well crafted and I like that so far all the important characters I've seen have been really well developed and not just totally forgotten after the episode focused on them - except the reporter to an extent but I feel like he'll be back later. I think what impresses me most though, is the focus on the psychological effects of the attacks and the mental states of the victims, which is obviously key to the atmosphere and possibly also to the mystery itself. Overall I find it very enjoyable and I'm looking forward to finishing it. It's sitting at a tentative 8/10 for me pending it's completion.
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