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    Latias stared over the calm plains. A slight breeze whistled through the grass, slightly ruffling her feathers. The dragon gave a contented sigh.

    “The commander would like to speak with you.” A voice came from behind her. She turned around to see a knight standing at attention.

    “Thank you. Be on your way.” Latias thought to the man. He bowed in return and left.
    Latias slowly floated to one of the largest tents there was. It was large enough to fit at least two Rayquaza inside, and towered over everything else. This tent of course, wasn’t Andrews’ or the commanding tent; it was more like a church. An altar was at the very back, it was bright silver, with a picture of Mew etched into it.

    <Yes? I heard you wanted to see me.> Latias said. Andrew, who had been kneeling in front of the altar now looked up and walked over to the red dragon. He put something around her neck and she looked down at the object.

    <Rayquazas’ pendant!> Latias exclaimed.

    “Yes, he, his spirit was telling me to do something with it, but i wasn't sure what.” Andrew said calmly. Latias gently raised the pendant, and looked at the small gem inside of it.

    <It is beautiful.>she said in wonder. She had never been able to look at it closely, much less hold it.

    “It is more than just that. It will save your life. It saved both Typhlosion and Rayquaza many times.” Andrew said.

    <then why did they die? If this pendant was supposed to save them, why are they dead?> Latias asked, mildly annoyed.

    “The pendant had helped them cheat Death to many times. Even Rayquaza, the creator of the pendant, had to die eventually, and it wasn’t a natural death.” Andrew explained in barely audible tone.

    <Oh…> Latias said, as equally inaudible as Andrew.

    “You can and probably will be hurt, but you cannot die while wearing the pendant, at least not for a few more decades.” Latias was about to say something else after hearing this, but Andrew seemingly reading her mind said: “do not worry. It cannot fall off and the chain cannot be cut.”

    Latias seemed to be having an argument with herself, and gently removed the pendant. She gave the necklace to Andrew, who reluctantly closed his hand around it.

    “But, why?!” Andrew questioned.

    <if I die, I don’t want to because I’ve already cheated death too often. I want to die honestly.> Latias said at last. Andrew nodded solemnly. Latias left after Andrew didn’t say anything. She exited the structure, and took one quick glance back; Andrew was looking at the pendant. She turned back, and looked into the sky when she heard a loud whistling. What she saw made her freeze: hundred of flaming arrows the size of javelins was coming down towards the camp. She saw one of the arrows coming strait for her, but she couldn’t move. She was frozen to the spot. The arrow came down hard, piercing her through the back. The last thing she heard was yells of men and the sound of a war trumpet. Everything went black.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Andrew heard a scream of pain from outside of the tent and looked out, to see Latias with a giant arrow protruding from her back. He shot out of the tent to see soldiers running every which way, preparing for battle. Tents were on fire, pokemon were shrieking as their fur burst into flames. Andrew cancelled out all sound as he rushed outside to help Latias. There was one noise though that Andrew kept hearing: an evil cackle that grew louder each second. The boy quickly brought Latias and worked on getting the arrow out of her back. It quickly slid out.

    “At least the beast has some form of mercy,” Andrew said to himself as he inspected the tip of the arrow. “He chose for a swift kill with a slender arrow rather than a slow one with barbed arrows.” He got out a small bottle of potion and quickly slathered it onto the wound. A voice from behind him stopped the boy in his tracks.

    <hello again, Andrew. The voice said. It was deep, yet caring. Rough, but kind. Andrew slowly turned around.

    “Rayquaza?” he said quietly. A translucent green shape shimmered to existence in front of the Andrew.

    The slender dragon took a glance at Latias. <she will not be harmed any more.> he said and glided to the red dragon, where he coiled his long body around her.

    “But, can’t-“ Andrew was cut off.

    <Yes, objects can pass through spirits.> Rayquaza said solemnly. “But only if we want them to.> a sly grin spread across the spirits’ face.

    “May I?” Andrew asked. The green dragon nodded and Andrew walked through his body. He put the pendant around Latias’ neck again and backed away. “Thank you.” Andrew said to Rayquaza and with a nod from his friend, left to join the army that had gathered in front of the camp.
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