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    thank you very much for your comment and un-harsh criticism.

    Yes, one of those... i dont really remember what i was thinking as i was typing, or why i capitalized one and no the other, i have to go and re-edit that chapter anyways..

    thank you, and yes, kind of.

    in the games it does :) part of this (medecines and such) were based of things in-game.

    yeah... i have been really lazy about this story recently. i havent written a chapter in w while.

    Yes, i know, but i accidentally added the lowercase names into the spell check, and i just left it like that, but my computer is updated, so that doesnt happen any more.

    No, if you read further on, he was friends with a Rayquaza, but no, he isnt human. The other his name is still Andrew, no matter what form, but yes, that is his human form.

    i know, but then the whole thing would only be about 10 chapters long, rather than 19, and the other books are better (my opinion) because they're longer and i got better at typing.
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