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Old January 14th, 2012 (7:42 PM). Edited January 16th, 2012 by Jcool.
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A long time ago I made a wifi battle video on youtube against my good friend Jkuabara. Unfortunately no other challengers stepped up to the plate since then so if anybody wants to wifi battle and be in a video here is the place to do it! If I lose I will still put up the video. Here is my friend code:

4341 6742 2756

You can use hacked pokemon that were made with Pokesav or Pokegen as long as they are made to be legit and so that they don't have any advantages over pokemon obtained in the game.

The rules are:

Only use OU (Anything but Ubers)


sleep clause
evasion clause
species clause

If you have no idea what tiers or clauses are you shouldn't even be on this page.

My channel is currently being redone and I unlisted most of my videos but the battle is still there, but normally I'd have 200+ videos. Just throwing that out there.

Just post your friend code and when we should battle!

Relevant Advertising!

Old February 5th, 2012 (3:26 PM).
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Posts: 44
why won't anyone reply to my posts or even battle me
Old February 11th, 2012 (5:03 PM).
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which game are you trying to battle on??
Old March 2nd, 2012 (8:13 PM).
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allright Here i come lol ok ill batle ya : )
Hey Guys What's happening >>>Me, well i just Defeated you!!!! LOL
Old March 12th, 2012 (3:11 PM).
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ill play with soulsilver if you have
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Old March 30th, 2012 (5:54 AM).
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Sure I'll battle ya. My FC for Pkmn White is in my sig, and all I need is the link to the video you make.

Pkmn White FC: 2451-9514-6088
Pkmn SS and Plat SOON TO COME

Check out Kiklion's Trade Forum, Where I Volunteer, Here:

Up for Starter Pkmn, Dex, and Request Trades
Up for Casual and Competitive Battles

I'm Central Timezone, and I'm on from 8-10pm on weekdays, and totally free on weekends
Old March 30th, 2012 (6:43 AM).
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Would you consider doing an RU match? I stopped battling in OU.
I only use pokemon I like, regardless of which tier they're in. I only claim to be in the RU tier simply because 5 of my favorites are from RU so I call it home.
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