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Have you ever visited the deep web?

Started by fenberry April 25th, 2019 4:31 PM
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Never really tried it or cared to try to access it


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Nope, never have nor ever will, some discord servers already scare the crap out of me


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I'm interested in it, but I wouldn't attempt it for fear of accidentally reaching the dark web. :') I've seen many documentaries about this and how everything can go horribly wrong if you're not fully prepared that my sanity overrides my initial curiosity.


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There's nothing in there that makes me even remotely curious enough to try and access no.


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nope nope nope.


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nope. the closest i would dare to go is read creepypastas about it >.<



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I tried once, but didn't get Tor to work, so I left it that way.

From what I know, the majority of it is just databases that simply don't get tracked by search engines. There also seems to be a bunch of places for people who really want anonymity (forums for people who fell victim to specific crimes, etc.).

I've also heard that the amount of illegal sites on the dark web is not as big as people make it out to be. So, basically any type of "knowledge" about how terrible the dark web is, is probably coupled with a lot of misinformation and lack of knowledge.

Would I be interested to try it out sometime? Sure, I'm from Europe afterall. We gotta figure out some way to keep some freedom on the internet. Therefor any option that provides that freedom is one to be considered.


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I haven't yet. I don't know of the stuff about the deep web is true or not, but rather be safe than sorry.

There is one time my friend's brother did, and his sister got pretty mad. I don't remember exactly what he was looking at, though.

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Above is a dictionary definition of the deep web, and how it differs from the dark web. You've all been to the deep web, you just don't know it.

What is the deep web?

The deep web means it isn't indexed by a search engine. Majority of the data stored online is actually deep web. Your email inbox is part of the deep web. Activities as mundane as editing a private journal, viewing online medical records, bank statements, uploading videos, watching movies on demand and other services that require subscriptions are the deep web. Even forums that require registration and passwords to access pages, *cough* sound familiar?

If you can't directly visit a page just by clicking the link, and have a security setting as prerequisite then you are leaving the surface web and visiting the deep web. That's all it means.

You do not access the deep web through anonymity networks like Tor, that is specifically the dark web, which is what I think we are actually talking about in this thread. I have never been there.

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ABSOLUTELY NOT, lol. I've watched enough horror youtubers videos to know I don't want to mess w/the deep web.
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Deep Web is scary? Not so and you get different meaning between dark and deep web.

Deep web is a site that cant be searched by any search engine and mostly its below the surface web, most of them are private stuff that cant be access publicly think as iceberg but on the middle, while surface web is well surface..

Now lets go deeper down to the depth..

Dark web is dark, grimly and mostly illegal part of deep web because you require special browser which let you access .onion domain. Dark web is much shadier place because illegal materials like selling drugs, hiring hitman, pedopile and sorts of shady illegal things you can do there and most content and service there only accept bitcoin why because there are illegal. You dont want to stumble there or you get hit by a nasty virus/malware. So enter at your own risk.
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