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Celebration A Revision of age

Started by Lycanthropy June 6th, 2019 7:01 AM
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Owl + Bear =

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That place called... Wait, what was it called again?
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Today our resident Swadloon-with-an-identity-crisis and KFC overlord has turned 23! Which means it's time to post gifs of Grass type Pokémon and/or Ace Attorney characters on Revise Librarian's profile and shout:

Happy birthday, Revise Librarian!

Revise, you have been an awesome friend for as long as I can remember and an all-together amazing person, we're all truly blessed to have you around here. I hope you're having a wonderful day full of (uncontrollable) dancing, ice cream, fishing rods and... exploding Swadloon?

I liked the last image too much to not post it, sorry. Don't actually explode today, okay? (:




Laverre City
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Happy Birthday, Revise! If I had known you were a Swadloon fan I wouldn’t started spamming gifs sooner! :o


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Happy bday Revise! I hope it will be amazing!! Thank you for sticking around with us for so long, hope to celebrate next year with you as well. :>

sheep x bobandbill 5ever

erik destler


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Happy birthday, Revise!! I hope it's great :D

Paired with Laslow and Cherrim


Lover of Dragons

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Happy Birthday to the wittiest, most mischeivous, fun and friendly, loveable fellow in all of Pokecommunity!

I was going through my library and found a story that's just perfect for my friend's birthday! *Milotic opens the book, puts on reading glasses and turns the page.*

Once upon a time there was a brave trainer named Revise!

On his birthday he saw a great, mystery pokemon soaring the skies!

The bird dropped a feather that shined in every color of the rainbow.

Yet when he tried to learn the pokemon's name nobody seemed to know.

Everyone concluded that Revise met with real a rarity, and that this was an omen of happiness, good luck and prosperity!

Pokemon celebrated from fletchings to bulbasaur! Revise partied with rockruffs, rowlets and more!

A beautiful trainer from Kalos was there.

Her pokemon was a shinx, and the two made quite a pair!

She decided to join Revise to see regions near and far.

The couple would travel by cat bus. They had no need of a car!

Presents fell from the sky, and birthday cake too.

Revise even got a gift certifcate for ice cream from his buddy Sandshrew :)

Name: Narcissus
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"


lover of milotics

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Happy birthday! You’re a kind fellow <33 Wishing you the best of days today!


space adventure

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Happy birthday, Revise! I hope you had a really good one :D


faint attack

the dream world
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hope you had an amazing bday!!!


Castle of the Crystal
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Revise deserves nothing but the best on this special day, so make sure you swamp him with all the amazing things that he likes!! Rowlet, Swadloon, cute birds and grass-types, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ace Attorney, edgy stuff, Xros Wars, Ash Ketchum, nature, great soundtracks..! There’s no end, so you can’t go wrong—instead, go wild! I’m positive it’ll help make his day! :D

If you haven’t met Revise yet, and you’re simply stopping by... I highly encourage you to get to know him! He is an absolute treasure—polite, sweet, and charming; he’ll make your heart melt! He sees the good in everyone. And he’s my best friend in the whole world. :)

Revise, I hope you have a truly wonderful birthday! Your present is still coming. :D If only I could make your day as special as you made mine! :love:

It may not be a personal arrangement, but if this song titled “Birthday” makes you smile, then that’s the most important thing! <333

I love you, starlight!


"You're my guardian angel,
My light and my guide.
Your hand on my shoulder
And you by my side.
You make everything beautiful,
You make me complete!
Everything in my world,
I lay at your feet..."
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